Tuesday, June 5, 2012

number one for me :)

they are the only reason why I think I have to done well in my examination. 
Just to make them proud of me. 

if I stress like TOTALLY 110% STRESS with my assignment, I'll talk with my ayah until one part I'll cry automatically. but after one hr, ayah will bahan me cengeng. -.-
if I feel boring likeee forever alone and can't kacau him all the time, I'll text ibu (call only I hv enough credit hihi) and ngadu tu ngadu ini blablablaa. just know I texted ibu mengadu abt pemanasan global  yg memuncak sekarang and I can't studyy in ma room and want airconddd. mengada nye kan? 
last but not least, if I'm wasting my precious timeee with lepaking watching moviee, they are the one who call me like they know what their princess do at college. 
In conclusion, they are my spirit booster :)


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